Residence Training (1, 2, or 3 weeks or more)

Send my dog away to train? Are you kidding me? I would miss him too much. OK, I can’t help you with that. But if you are really serious about changing your dog’s behavior, you should consider this.

What is Residence Training and why is it so effective? 

Residence Training (board and train) is the super consistent handling of your dog. Day to day structure and leadership is put in place along with positive, motivational obedience and how it relates to everyday life. Dogs learn to pay attention, starting with playing productive games that you can use at home. Consistent repetitions in obedience commands make it clear to your dog that this is part of life, to be used anywhere. Crate training and housebreaking can be an excellent side benefit to this method, because dogs are not allowed to make mistakes.

Every dog is different…just as every person is different. Dogs associate behavior with places and people. When a dog has a change in enviroment, this in itself can have a positive effect. Combined with exersice and learning, he is given a jump start to changing behavior. Dogs are taught foundation obedience and repeated many times and in different places. Give a call for more details and a specific recommendation for your dog.

If you’re planning a trip and need to board your dog, why not send him for exercise, fun and learning (a working vacation)? Or – if you just don’t have time to commit to as many repetitions as it takes to change your dogs behavior – I do!

Set up a time for a tour and a conversation about your dog.

How long should my dog stay?

Every dog is different, depending on breed, age, level of socialization, health, temperament, behavior issues, etc. All of these factors should be considered when making that decision.

Will my dog remember me?

Of course, and still love you too. If fact, once the lines of communication have been opened, and you have learned how to better communicate and handle your dog, your relationship should improve.

What happens when my dog is returned home?

Now we get to work on you. Together, we will tailor training for you. You will be given specific instruction to succeed. I will provide as many lessons as nessessary for you to accomplish your goals – some in home, or other locations, depending on where you live.

Will he obey me?

Some dogs respond very quickly without much effort. Other dogs dictate that you earn your dog’s respect. The answer to this is different for each dog and owner and depends on your relationship and habits before training. All the “people training” you need is provided. Your dog will be proficient in obedience commands, but you will need to provide the leadership.

Where do they sleep?

Dogs sleep in safely in crates, in a studio training room in the comfortably heated and air conditioned basement of my home.

Do they play with other dogs?

There is some contact, but very little. Dogs need to learn to control themselves in the presence of other dogs, including walking past them on leash. Most importantly, they must pay attention to you.

What kind of behavior can I expect when complete?

Your dog should settle faster, pay attention, and know what obedience commands mean. No, you will not get back robot dog. Your dog will still have a free will with instinct. He will still be the same breed and and only slightly older from when he came in. He will have had many, many successful repetitions in obedience. If your dog stays 2 weeks or more, basic obedience is used also in many different places. Your dog will be crate trained. This means sleep quietly in a crate each night, go into a crate on command – at any time of day. Another side benefit to this combination of structure and training technique is house training. I’m doing, at my house, what should have been done right from the beginning at your house.

What should we bring?

Your dog will sleep in my crate. Please provide: food, record of vaccine, any medications, a chew toy, toy to retreive, blanket for sleeping. Please no dog beds. Please make every effort to make sure your dog is completely healthy.


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Residence Training