Basic Obedience (6 lessons)

This program covers basic obedience and much more. Learn how to use obedience in any place or situation you like. Once we achieve our goals in-home, let’s change location (the playground, vet, groomer, riding in the car, bus stop, soccer field, dog park). You didn’t get a dog to leave at home because he doesn’t know how to behave. Any and all behavior issues will be specifically addressed. Learn how to play with your dog to redirect energy. Use mental and physical excersie to your advantage, playing the way you want to play, not the way the dog wants. Get all the pieces needed for an excellent understanding of your dog and how to change his behavior.

Most people choose to schedule their lessons weekly. First lesson consists of foundation work necessary for the communication, then using obedience right away. You need time to practice what was taught then we meet again.

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