“We really cannot thank you enough for all that you’ve done for all of us. You’re the best, and trust me, we will tell everyone about you.”
Maureen A. – Raynham

“Thank you Nancy for helping me to feel connected to my dog again…..before meeting with Nancy, most of my interactions with Zoe were negative ……now I feel like we like each other again! Bradley’s Canine Education really helped my family learn how to manage Zoe and enjoy our time with her again….proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks!”
Rhonda P. – Norton

“Nancy truly has a gift in working with dogs. Shes a great trainer and fun to watch!”
Kendra S. – Attleboro

“Nancy makes training so much easier and fun for both puppy and owner. I will highly recommend her to anyone I know who’s pup needs a little motivation!!!”
Kris H. – Easton

“Nancy is truly a gifted animal trainer! She helped our family by training our puppy who was having some aggression issues with other dogs. Since Nancy’s intervention with social skills training, we’ve had no issues since. We are so grateful for her help.”
Laura D. – Norton

“Nancy was awesome with my Cotton an helping me learn how to handle him. She has both a great connection an understanding of dogs. I highly recommend Nancy and will use her again on our new Lab.”
Bob A. – Norton

“Nancy has a way with dogs – nothing rough or negative. Hansel, our dachshund mix, full of energy, loves his training sessions with Nancy. He’s now a pleasure to be with on a walk.”
Patrick L. – Foxboro

“I highly recommend working with Nancy Bradley for dog training. In addition to Nancy being the very best Dog Trainer in the area (and this is no exaggeration),  she also has a true and genuine love for dogs and it shows in every action she takes.

She has worked with my yellow lab Bosco (and me) since he was a young puppy which has helped him become a very social and well-adjusted young adult dog. I have had previous experience with a minimally trained dog as well as the one that has been professionally trained by Nancy. I can truly say that without question, The dog that Nancy trained (Bosco) is a pleasure to have as a part of my family. I confidently take him places that I never would have dreamed of taking the other dog. I allow him in places of my home that I never would have dreamed of with the other dog. And, most importantly, I can take my dog anywhere with full confidence that he is going to listen to and obey my commands.

Although his intense training is long over, Nancy frequently calls to see how things are going with Bosco. She also lets me know if she will be working in my area and checks to see if she can give Bosco a free “tune-up” while she is nearby! Her care for the dog and love of her profession has exceeded my wildest expectations!

Thank you Nancy for all your hard work with Bosco. It is because of your expertise and patience that he is the exceptionally gentle, intelligent, and good-natured dog that he is today.” 
Chris K. – Franklin

“Before meeting Nancy, Austin did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted because we lost all control. We finally said enough!!!! The vet recommended Nancy to us. She came to our house and showed us a new meaning of who is boss in our household. We decided to send Austin for the residency program. When Austin returned to us he was a new dog. He had patience and he knew who was in control and knew that he had to work. Nancy taught us the essentials in making Austin a better dog. She taught us and Austin how to interact the way dog and human are supposed to. We highly recommend working with Nancy Bradley…she will change your life as well as your dogs life!”
Jessica B. – Dedham

“I  recently sent my 5 year old, very lovable but hyperactive “SHORKIE, ‘Lucy” for a 2 week in home training with Nancy. I have to admit, I was skeptical about anyone’s ability to assist me in  re-correcting her learned behaviors now that she was an adult dog, no longer a puppy. That said, I was feeling a bit desperate, as Lucy was in charge, not me. Along with what appeared to be very demanding behavior – barking, jumping up on people and furniture – house training was also a real issue.

To my amazement, Nancy returned  a calm obedient dog who is house trained. Lucy follows commands consistently, she looks to me for structure, and Nancy is teaching me how to provide that with daily training activities and exercise for her. 

I am so grateful to be enjoying my dog without feeling anxious about her behaviors. Lucy is clearly happier, settled and confidant that I am in control, not her.  I am now getting her ready to take the therapy dog certification program. This is something I could not have considered before. THANK YOU, Nancy Bradley!!”
K. White – North Kingstown, Rhode Island

“I just want to thank you for the wonderful job you did with Bella. She is a pleasure to take for a walk now.   We’re all amazed at what you were able to accomplish!”
L. Murphy – Walpole

“Overwhelmed with a new puppy, 3 young kids, pouring rain for days on end, sitting in the steamy, loud vet’s office for the 4th time in 8 days, so basically just chaos ALL around me…dogs barking, cats hissing, my daughter throwing a temper tantrum and then the door opens. I know it sounds like I am exaggerating but honestly, for the first time in over 2 straight weeks, I saw what I needed: SANITY! Structure! Listening! Obedience! This woman appeared with the most gorgeous German Shepherd I have EVER seen. He paid absolutely NO attention to any of the chaos and walked directly by her side steering up at her chest to what looked like a ball. I needed that in my life! Some semblance of order!!! Of course I has to ask her if she does this for a living and thankfully she does! I went home and emailed her and immediately set up a time for Puppy School. From then on, Nancy has become the miracle worker in my eyes! I love that Nancy came over to our house. She got to see just what my everyday life is like: how my kids interact with Buckley, how our yard is laid out, where the crate is set up, what we were doing right and wrong, etc. Nancy is awesome! Truly – I never realized that training a dog is so much like “training” a child! Nancy is really calm and will cater each lesson to your specific needs or concerns. I have my “to-do list” ready for Nancy when she comes and she answers all of my questions. I love that she will show us how to loose leash walk Buckley or how to desensitize him from the opening and closing of our front door and then she has us practice it in front of her so that she can correct us if need be. I have already recommended her to every pet owner that I know! Poor Nancy will be driving from Boston to Rhode Island training all of my family and friend’s dogs! We are SO lucky to have been in the vet’s office that day and to see Nancy at work because it is SO difficult to really know just how good a trainer is from just looking at a business card or visiting a website. I assure you that Nancy is well worth it!!! Thanks Nancy!!!”
L. Pereira – Foxboro