Me and my dog Buck

Long ago and far far away (not really – I lived in Canton), I owned a chocolate Lab. He was an extremely high energy, sweet, young pup, but he used to chew on broken glass! I was mystified by his behavior. I loved him very much even though I couldn’t handle him. I took him to a group training class where we learned sit, down, etc. After he graduated, HE ATE THE DIPLOMA! Something was missing.

I then took him to another trainer for private lessons. The structure was militant, but effective. The private trainer taught me valuable techniques but I didn’t care for his abrasive style. I knew that understanding canine behavior would create effective training, and I knew I could add something more!

So I enrolled in a dog training school. My husband and I drove for 16 hours to deliver me to six weeks of doggie boot camp. The method I learned is now considered “old school” – lots of forced correction with very little positive learning. I got a great foundation in “why” dogs do what they do and canine behavior. I then realized how much dogs are misunderstood.

Once I came home, I gained more knowledge through each dog I trained and from some great friends with newer techniques. As the years have progressed, I have consistently looked for new methods and techniques to make my training more effective.

The method of training I use is a compilation of many years of hands-on experience and formal education. I am not bound by one method and believe a combination of many techniques suits many different dogs and owners.

I live in Norton, MA with my husband of 20+ years. We have an teenage son, 3 dogs and 2 cats. I consider myself blessed. I love what I do and enjoy sharing it with other dog lovers.

Here’s me and my dog Ruckus in competition. This is what we do for FUN!