Are you looking to get your new puppy or adopted dog off to a good start? Don’t wait for behavior problems! Begin your relationship knowing what to do and how to handle your new friend, instead of guessing.

Or maybe you have an older dog with behavior issues? Any problem, any age, any breed.

I can help!

Specializing in Residence Training or Board and Train – also offering Private In-Home or Studio Lessons  here in Norton, MA and NEW! Doggie Day School!

This is a complete approach to training, raising, socializing and domesticating your lifelong companion. Teaching a dog basic obedience skills is the easy part and the basis of communication with your dog. But, there are a combination of other elements, used together, that help your dog understand you and the boundaries you set. If your dog doesn’t pay attention, something is missing. It will be difficult to control your dog in different places, and around other people and dogs. Giving people a good understanding of canine behavior and using it to your advantage makes it fun. At the end of the training, you and your dog will enjoy a mutual respect and relationship.

Take a look at this video of me working with my German Shepherd Buck and a few recent Residence Training dogs (just for fun).

The dogs shown on this website are recent clients and do not necessarily have these specific behavior issues. These photos are used for the sole purpose of attracting new clients with very cute dogs. This depiction shows a wide variety of breeds and ages. 😉


Thank you to Julie Browers, a lady of many talents, for the video
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